Ozarks 2011

I left on Aug. 28 and got home on Sept. 1

Total mileage for this entire trip - 1955 miles

This was a really fun trip and at times a little scary. I started out by forgetting some stuff (shoes) and the can of cleaner for my helmet was almost empty. Both easily remedied.

Day 1
I left Omaha at around 8:30am stopped in Umber View Heights on Stockton Lake in Missouri for the night.  It's about 10 minutes outside of Stockton and right on the lake.
On this day, my TomTom GPS also died on me.

Day 2
I left the hotel the next morning and stopped for a quick swim. The water was warm and very clean.  I stopped at a scenic overview on Rt. 39 and snapped a couple pictures. The rest were taken in the Ozarks.
My favorite road this day was Rt 123 between Rt 74 and Hwy 65. What an awesome road!

When I saw the sign that indicated a rock slide ahead, I didn't expect this....
Day 3
This was my favorite day. I was all over the place. The best part by far was Rt. 341. I got to Mountain View at around 10am. From there, I went north on Rt. 87. I picked up Rt. 14 and followed that to Rt. 341. That road was only about 17 miles but I didn't encounter a single vehicle, the pavement was pristine and constantly twisting all the way to Rt. 5. I took Rt. 5 back South to Mountain View and then ran the loop again. The chicken strips were ALMOST gone.

This is the entrance to Rt. 341
This is the result of Rt. 341.

Day 4
This was the scary part. I was riding North in Missouri. I decided to take a more direct route home because my back tire was getting pretty bald. I stopped in a little town called Norton to get something to drink and check the air in the tires. From there, I headed north to Lebanon. I stopped there one more time just to take a break. From there, I followed Rt. 5 North. As I was getting to Camdenton, the bike started feeling like it was sliding around on the road (at 70mph). I stopped at the first gas station and checked the back tire. Yep, it was flat. 4lbs of air in it.
I asked the person running the station if there was a motorcycle shop in town. She told me to go 2 blocks North. At the light turn right and go 1 block. I thought to myself, "I can't be this lucky". I stopped in and the mechanic there fit me in right away and fitted a new Continental Conti-Motion. I was there a little over 1/2 hour. Those guys at the Motorcycle Doctor rock! They didn't even take me to the cleaners on the price of the tire. Less than $200 total.

Day 5 - The ride home
There's not much more to tell. I didn't get any more pictures although I could have gotten some amazing pictures of the flooded areas just South of St. Joeseph. I got turned around a bit in St. Joseph trying to find a place to cross the river. Since I was taking all backroads, I had to navigate to the nearest major road to cross. That ended up being Hwy 36.