Black Hills Road Trip 2009

Mark, Keith and I all decided to take a week off and ride to the Black Hills together for a few days.  The weather, however, didn't really cooperate with us so that put a damper on the trip but we got some good riding in and I managed to get some great pictures.

Note:  These pictures are BIG.  If you click on them, they'll open in an iBox window.  If you want to see the full size, right-click on them and open each picture in a new tab or window.  Or, you can download all of them in a zip file here.

Day 1
We left on June 16 from Tea, SD where all 3 of us met.  The weather sucked as it was drizzling rain for the first 100 miles west.  After that, the weather turned beautiful.  On the way, we stopped at a rest area in Chamberlain and were forced to take a detour into the Badlands to avoid a nasty storm that was hovering over the interstate just east of Wall, SD.  We also stopped at the 1880 town and ate lunch in a train.  We got into Deadwood at around 7pm.

This is the weather we dealt with for the first 100 miles when we left Tea.

Chamberlain, SD

This diner had some great food.

This is the storm we bypassed by riding through the Badlands.

I took a LOT of pictures in the Badlands.

As seen from our hotel room
Day 2
We didn't get a lot of pictures on the 2nd day.  Mark and Keith took off to go see Devil's Tower while I went to Custer to visit Jim and Donna Chamberlain.  They live right across the highway from Crazy Horse Mountain.  Keith and Mark got soaked in a rain storm just south of Deadwood after they left Devil's Tower.  We finally met up in Hill City.  On the way back to Deadwood, we stopped at Lake Pactola and got a couple nice shots before more rain moved in and forced us to head back to Deadwood.

We used to dive off this rock when we lived here.
Day 3
We got up and left the hotel at 8am to ride the Needles highway and Iron Mountain road.  The weather was perfect until just before we got to Keystone.  Then a pretty bad storm hit which dropped pea sized hail and forced us to wait it out for a couple hours.  After that, we were so disgusted with the continuing storms that we just decided to end the trip a day early and head home.  We rolled into Tea, SD at about 9:45PM.

One of the needles on Needles Hwy

Cathedral Spires

This buffalo stopped traffic on Rt. 16a between Needles Hwy and Iron Mtn. Rd.  It walked very slowly across the road and walked right by us.  We could have reached out an petted it if we wanted to.

Mt. Rushmore as seen from Iron Mtn. Rd.