Mirror Extenders for the ZZR

Last month, I got a set of SW-MOTECH mirror wideners for the ZZR.  I was lucky and got them just before Twisted Throttle stopped carrying them for this bike.  Recently, on the forums, someone asked a question about these extenders.  I did a little research and found an alternative here that were made for the ZR-7S but are supposed to fit the ZZR.  They cost around $60 shipped so I figured I'd go ahead and pick up a set and see if they're as nice as the SW-MOTECHs.

Some of you may think I've gone overboard with this comparison but I don't.  I LIKE to be able to see what's behind me.  That's what mirrors are supposed to do and what the stock mirror position does not do.

My route
First off, here's what you get in the kit.  Note that the plates have some extra small holes in the middle where the mirrors mount.  I think this is an extra hole needed by the ZR-7S because the ZZR doesn't need them.  The plates are also setup for each side.  This doesn't matter either as long as you align the plate to the bike and mirror properly.  Again, this must be something specific to the ZR-7S.

Also note the small black screws.  There are 4 of them.  You'll need to go buy 4 more.  You'll see why later.  I found EXACT matches at Ace for $.75 each.  Same thread, same color, same shape, same head.  They have a 4mm hex head.

My route

Here's pictures of the stock mirror setup with measurements.

Here's pictures of the SW-MOTECH mirror setup with measurements.

Here's pictures of the G&G mirror setup with measurements.

With stock screws
Remember those screws?  Here's why you need them.  If you use just the stock screws from when you remove the mirrors, they'll sit right on the plastic after install.  I noticed this just after the test ride with the G&Gs installed.  The ZR-7S must have beveled head screws like the ones supplied with this kit.
With screws purchased from Ace HW.

Width at outside of the mirrors:
Stock - 34"
SWM - 35"
G&G - 37"
Width at the knuckle of the mirror:
Stock - 21 1/2"
SWM - 22 1/2"
G&G - 24 1/2"
Height at middle of the mirror:
Stock - 47"
SWM - 49 1/2"
G&G - 47"
  My conclusion:

Get the G&Gs.  They cost less, look nicer, and are wider and function better than the SW-MOTECHs.  Ideally, you want your mirrors to sit out further, not higher.  Although, as you can see, by adding height with the SWMs, it does widen the mirrors and they DO function well.  It's just that the G&Gs work better for less.

Update: It turns out that started carrying the SW-MOTECHs again. They've also reduced the price to $60 from $85.