Road Trip 2012

I left on July 28 and got home on August 3

Total mileage for this entire trip - 2604 miles

Day 1
I left Omaha at around 8:00am with Greg and Mike Chamberlain. We got all the way to Custer, SD by 5:30 MT.

All loaded up and ready to go

A break on the way to Custer

Just arrived in Custer

Jim and Greg relaxing

Day 2
We spent all day Sunday in the Black Hills and Rapid City

Day 3
We took off from Custer Monday morning, heading for Powell, WY.

We stopped on the side of I-90 to take a break and take in some really nice scenery

Jim had some electrical problems. Turned out to be a shorted wire in the left turn signal. Simple fix.

From this picture on, we're on Rt. 14 in Wyoming

Day 4
We left Powell at around 10am and headed for Yellowstone. We essentially spent the entire day in the park. We stopped to see Old Faithful go off and with all the idiots stopping in the middle of the road, slow traffic, construction and very slow speed limits, we got to our destination - Cooke City, MT - at around 8:30pm.

Some cleanup in front of the Buffalo Bill Dam

That is a LONG way down - 400ft.

Sylvan Lake

I'm very disappointed that this one came out so blurry

This is actually a geyser located directly behind Old Faithful

This one IS Old Faithful. Thinking about it.....

Thinking about it..............

There we go!

Just about done.
Day 5
We left Cooke City to travel up Beartooth Hwy. From there, ate lunch in Columbus, MT and then took I-90 for a short distance and finally ended the day in White Sulphur Springs.



This is from our motel in White Sulphur Springs. We dubbed it the American version of Stonehenge.

Day 6
We left White Sulphur Springs at around 9am. At Rt. 89, I split off from the rest of the group and started my ride home. It was punctuated with a fun ride of about 8 miles through some construction that consisted of mostly gravel and mud (that was really fun). I got as far as Baker, MT. I wanted to go further but a pretty big storm started just east of Baker that afternoon and the winds were pretty strong so common sense kicked in and I stopped for the night.

This is a picture I got from Mike. It's the view they had from their motel room in Glacier National Park in Saint Mary Lake, MT.

Day 7
I arrived home at 6pm. That day, I rode 740 miles. I did this mainly because it's so boring riding through South Dakota and Nebraska and I wanted that part of the trip to be done without spending money for another night in a motel.